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Want to learn how to turn snacks into cash and earn $1000/mo in passive income?

This course is the introduction to starting a profitable vending business. Learn the DOs and DONTs when starting your business for success
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When most people want to begin the vending journey, they don’t know which steps are first, where to find machines, how to choose profitable locations and seal the deal, and manage profit margins.
That is what the Vending 101 course was developed to solve. 
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Welcome to the Vending Course 101!
This is your introduction course to assist you in starting a profitable vending business. This class will teach you all of the basics and more as I share with you my journey of experience and success.

This course gives you step-by-step knowledge of starting your vending journey with a strategic plan to be profitable. You no longer need to wonder or make any excuses about what you need to know to succeed. This course contains tangible, real-life experience, and instruction that will equip you with the information you need to grow wealth through vending.
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What you will learn:

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  • Learn how to start a profitable vending business from the ground up
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  • How to pick profitable locations and negotiate contracts
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  • Understand how to choose the right vending machine
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  • Vending Terminology
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  • Business Formation Strategy
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  • Common questions answered about starting a profitable vending business

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Hear from other like-minded individuals that have experienced the King Bear classes, courses, and consultations.

King Bear’s vending class provided good, practical information about starting a vending business. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to get started in the business!

Deloris B

King Bear’s vending 101 masterclass was truly awesome! He shared a ton of valuable content and helped me to feel much more prepared as I start this venture. Would recommend anyone trying to get into vending to purchase a class, course or session with him! You won’t be disappointed!


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Hello. I'm Darius Godwin

Owner of King Bear LLC and King Bear Vending. When I started my vending journey I had many questions, made mistakes, and had to overcome challenges. Through experience and a relentless grind, I was able to accomplish much success!

I acquired my first two locations for the price of 1 and was able to scale quickly to additional locations owning multiple machines and vending routes. Overall, I was able to accomplish a return on investment of 185% in just 6 months of vending.

It is my desire to empower you to have the same if not greater success on your journey and understanding how to begin with a strategic plan is the way to go!

I have no doubt that you will find value in this course and leave with a greater understanding of how to strategically utilize vending for passive income!

Thank You for taking this course and the opportunity for me to assist you on your journey of financial success!


Still here? What are you waiting for...

​Learn and start up your very own profitable vending business from the ground up as I walk you through the steps and answer all your questions about starting a profitable vending business
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Contact us and let's help clarify your mind and speed up your decision-making process. Chat with Darius directly
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